Find your Team Event

October 14th, 18:00 – 21:00.
Locally at the Swiss Game Hub at Hohlstrasse 176
Please note that this event requires a Covid certificate to attend.

What is this event all about?
As the name says, this event is supposed to help you find a game project to join/team members for your game project. There will be short 5 minute pitches from all attending game projects and optional 5min pitches from attending individuals. This is the first time we’re organising an event like this, so we’ll be improvising a lot 😉

If you’d like to attend, please fill in this survey until October 12th! (the earlier, the better)
We’re estimating about 15 – 30 attendees for the event.
Feel free to share this form with anybody that might be interested.
Looking forward to see you there :D!

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